We are Branch Recruitment.

Connecting today’s talent with tomorrow’s opportunities

At Branch, we’re proud to say our origins are slightly different from the crowd. There are no stories about someone starting in a bedroom or spotting an opportunity to do it better. This is about two people who knew each other, respected how they worked and waited for the right time. We’re an answer to a simple question, what if we take what we both do and combine it? And so, Branch was born.


Our promise to clients

If we’re honest, recruiters can be viewed as ten a penny. If the Yellow Pages were still used, half of it would be taken up by recruitment consultants and web designers. And while we can help you find the perfect person for the latter, what makes us different for the former? Simply put, we invest in our processes and people over promotions and gimmicks. We help great businesses recruit better people.

Part of the Lignum Group

We’re incredibly proud to be part of the Lignum Group of companies. Based in the North West of the UK, the Group comprises of several specialist recruitment businesses. With a passion for changing how recruitment works and developing its people, being part of the Lignum Group means we can do more. We can have implemented market leading processes, have access to a pool of talented people and can also offer extra resource when needed. Your roles will be filled faster, with the right candidates, guaranteed.

Keep doing what you love.
Keep doing what you love.


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