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It's a little-known fact that recruiters have a reputation for liking the sound of their own voice. Well, we hope you like ours. The Branch Blog is an ever-expanding hub of thoughts, advice, and insights from the world of tech recruitment. You'll find guidance on writing the perfect CV, interviews with hirers, our tips on how to switch careers plus a few trade secret techniques to use in your job search. Have a read, share if you like and do sign up for notifications.

Finding Your Next Java Developer Role

June 29, 2021 - posted by Josie Moran

We take a look at some of the Java Developer role opportunities, where in the UK there are hotspots for these, and some things you should consider when looking for new roles.

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Recruitment in the tech arena is constantly evolving. Companies are increasingly dependent on IT teams to manage everything, from customer interactions and sales processes to HR and project management efficiency. As a result, the cross over between IT and development teams and other departments is becoming more frequent and increasingly crucial. Staff now need to […]

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Is Working From Home Working For You? You don’t need me to tell you 2020 was a strange year (but it was). Lockdowns, Eat Out To Help Out, social distancing – all new terms we use every day. We’ve had to work differently, too. At least, differently to what the majority of us, myself included, […]

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The Branch Tech ‘WFH Survey’

December 03, 2020 - posted by Matthew Lewis

2020 eh? Been a right year and a half hasn’t it? Despite the ups and downs, one thing has remained consistent. Remote working. The question is, will the likes of Zoom calls, WFH check-ins and backroom offices be just as prevalent in 2021? AND, is that something people want to continue with? Tell Us Your […]

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We’ve expanded our .Net & PHP recruitment arm Having launched Branch in late 2019, the intention was always to grow the business and expand the offering. Little did I know I’d be announcing an expansion so quickly. After such a great response from clients and candidates across the tech space, it gives me great pleasure […]

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The developer job board for 2020 (and beyond…) Hands up who’s looking forward to the festive break? Hands up who’s ready for 2020 and have plans in place? And finally, hands up if you’re going to applying for a new developer job in January? 2019 was a strange year, not least politically. But the tech recruitment space has continued […]

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How technical and digital talent should be recruited. Well, this is it. The big announcement. The huge reveal. The chance to say, “here are the fruits of our labour”. Branch Recruitment, based over in Warrington, is here and we’re incredibly excited (just look at our faces in the photo).

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