We’ve grown! Welcome to Branch, Sam Rowlands

By Matthew LewisFebruary 20, 2020

We’ve expanded our .Net & PHP recruitment arm

Branch Recruitment expands it's PHP and .Net recruitment arm

Having launched Branch in late 2019, the intention was always to grow the business and expand the offering. Little did I know I’d be announcing an expansion so quickly.

After such a great response from clients and candidates across the tech space, it gives me great pleasure to introduce our new Recruitment Consultant, Sam Rowlands.

I’ve known Sam for some time now. He started his own business, worked incredibly hard to get into the world of technical recruitment and shares common values with our brand – hard work, dedication and commitment.

Here’s a little more about the first member of the Brand team.

Play it again, Sam

Full Name: Sam Rowlands

Job Title: Recruitment Consultants

Industry Focus: Information Tech

Last Role: I was a recruitment consultant in the North West, with a focus on the South East of England. It was a fantastic experience and one that has undoubtedly helped me to get where I am today.

Why Did You Join Branch? I’ve known Matt for a while now, having worked together in a previous role. The business he’s building fascinated me, and I couldn’t say no to the opportunity. The senior team at the Lignum Group were also instrumental in the decision to join. And, I can add a lot of value to what we currently have.

Skills Focus: From a client perspective, Fintech is massively appealing to me. It’s a vast industry where developers are the heroes. Having said that, if you’re a start-up with a strong offering that relies on tech, I can help.

With candidates, I have experience working with people across the full stack, leaning towards .Net and PHP professionals. If I were to pick one, though, a Senior .Net Core engineer would be ideal.

I like to put everything into my work. You must in this industry. There’s no such thing as a 9 to 5 or a working week so you can contact me anytime.

Extras: I set up an e-commerce business when I was 19 years old. It supported people with employment, which I thoroughly enjoyed. So, it wasn’t an easy decision to wind it down, but I learnt a lot from experience. Also, I can speak a limited amount of Polish.

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