The Branch Tech ‘WFH Survey’

By Matthew LewisDecember 03, 2020

2020 eh? Been a right year and a half hasn’t it?

Despite the ups and downs, one thing has remained consistent. Remote working.

The question is, will the likes of Zoom calls, WFH check-ins and backroom offices be just as prevalent in 2021? AND, is that something people want to continue with?

Tell Us Your Thoughts & Win £100

We’ve got 8 questions for you to fill in. It should only take a couple of minutes. But your input will help us understand if working from home is something all employers should be offering as standard in 2021. 

And, as a thank you, we’ll put your name into a draw for a £100 Love2Shop voucher. 

Ready? Follow this link.

Thanks again.

Matt Lewis, MD of Branch

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