Branch Recruitment is here. And we’re going to change the game.

By BranchNovember 19, 2019

How technical and digital talent should be recruited

Well, this is it. The big announcement. The huge reveal. The chance to say, “here are the fruits of our labour”. Branch Recruitment, based over in Warrington, is here and we’re incredibly excited (just look at our faces in the photo).

Why we’re here

We’re here to match talented techies and digital disruptors with ambitious businesses and innovative roles.

I’ve worked in the tech and digital world for a while now and it excites me. The talent that the UK has, particularly in the North West, is second to none. But recruitment can seem like a chore.

From a client perspective, most lack the technical knowledge required when it comes to hiring. Candidate wise, the feedback is that when they get to the final stages of an interview, the role simply doesn’t meet their initial expectations.

Why we’re different

Certainly, in the tech industry, there can be naive expectations. For the hirer, the emphasis is placed on the quantity of CVs rather than quality candidates. For the applicant, too much time spent going back and forth with questions that should be asked at the outset.

We’ve cut all of this out by being realistic upfront, continually investing in our technical knowledge and, most importantly, saying no if we can’t help and yes if we can add value.”

The Branch Manifesto

Not to go all political, this is what we promise for both clients and candidates

  • To be AMBITIOUS – if we’re not ambitious for ourselves, how can we be ambitious for our clients. We aim is to help over 100,000 people by 2021 across the UK
  • To be REALISTIC – great recruitment is about setting realistic expectations with people. We’ll always tell you straight, even if it’s not what you want to hear. We’re the experts here, please do take our advice
  • To be ONE STEP AHEAD – tech’s great (and we mean GREAT). So, we’ll use the latest software as standard. But as a team, we’ll also keep ahead of the latest trends. Knowledge is power after all
  • To be HONEST – yes, we know. Honesty and recruitment go together like chalk and cheese. If we can help you with a role, we’ll say we can. If we can’t, we’ll tell you we can’t. No lies and certainly no flies on us

Bigger than the sum of our parts

We’re also part of the Lignum Group. Why is that important? Simply put, we’re backed by one of the most ambitious recruitment companies in the UK. Obviously, we will say that, but they’ve continually grown 100% year on year. And that’s because they share our belief that recruitment can be done better.

We’ve incredibly excited about what the future holds and we hope you’ll be part of it.

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