5 Developer Jobs & Roles That Will Be Integral In 2020

By Matthew LewisDecember 10, 2019

The developer job board for 2020 (and beyond…)

Hands up who’s looking forward to the festive break? Hands up who’s ready for 2020 and have plans in place? And finally, hands up if you’re going to applying for a new developer job in January?

2019 was a strange year, not least politically. But the tech recruitment space has continued to buck the trends. And if you’re a candidate whose job hunting in this space, 2020 is shaping up very nicely opportunity wise.

The digital revolution shows no signs of stopping. Automation is becoming increasingly crucial to brands of all shapes and sizes. It’s no longer the top dogs who invest heavily in innovation. Start-ups are on board now, with their investors prioritising “tech heads” over other roles. Scale-up businesses are increasing their budgets to bring in digital experts.

Fintech businesses are challenging the status quo. Ecommerce brands are continually looking at new ways to gain an edge. Biotech is growing. Deep learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, et al. are now realities. But which skills are the ones that employers are craving?

Could your next developer job involve working for a robot?

1. Java Developers – first on the list, we have Java web developers, roles that are critical to the world of technology and digital. And that’s not an overstatement. The prediction is that there’ll be a 13% increase in demand for web developers from 2018 to 2028 due to the popularity of mobile devices and eCommerce. Oh, and you’re looking at an average salary of £60,000+. Merry Christmas!

Java developer jobs only require one great developer

2. PHP Developers – devs, devs, devs! Who runs the world? Devs (so you’re wrong, Beyonce). It’s like comparing apples and oranges with PHP to Java, but with an average salary of circa £50,000, it represents a brilliant career path. Because of PHP’s nature, it’s a relatively low entry programming tool for many businesses. Meaning it’s more attractive to them. And that makes you, the PHP developer, just as desirable when it comes to them advertising a developer job and finding a candidate. Although 2019 saw little change in the demand for PHP developer jobs and roles, expect that to change in 2020.

This man has a PHP developer job

3. Data Engineers – if you’re anything like me, the word engineer is now synonymous with the ALIEN franchise. And with another film in the works due in 2021, data engineers will play a key role in 2020. Data is the new oil according to most, but only if you know what to do with it. With big data, machine learning, and A.I. amongst the general population, finding trends and developing logic is a big plus for any prospective employer. If you can communicate how much potential lies in a business’s data and that you’re the right person to manipulate it, brace yourself for a barrage of offers.

Those Data Engineers are likely to be in demand for developer jobs

4. DevOps Engineers – the rise of DevOps is like the increase in hybrid vehicle demand. Not everyone wants to go “full Musk” just yet, so a hybrid vehicle is a perfect choice. When it comes to the world of recruitment, business owners realise that full-time developers can lack the softer skills to manage software launches and end-user interaction. But you DevOps people are the perfect solution. You’re the glue that sticks the product and experience together. And in 2020, you’ll be just as if not more critical to small, medium, and large enterprises.

Two men, one developer job, it’s DevOps?

5. React Developers – do you know what every (nearly every) fintech brand is searching for currently? Outstanding front-end developers who have equally exceptional skills in React.js. React developers are slowly becoming the go-to people when it comes to developing their existing platforms. From CRM improvements up to performance and debugging, talented developers can take up critical roles in brands of all shapes and sizes.

Goodbye 2019, hello 2020

As the year draws to a close, 2020 is shaping up to be a good one if you’re searching for a developer job or role. With technology creeping into every element of our lives, developers are going to be in hot demand.

Give Matt Lewis a call if you fancy a chat about any of the developer jobs above on 07415 278891 or email him at matthew.lewis@branchtechrecruitment.com.

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